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Items with an * are included in Blog Makeover Package

$3 each
Decorative Sidebar Titles- incorporating elements from scrapbook kit into each sidebar title
Decorative Sidebar Photos- photo editing to match custom blog design

$5 each
Post Divider - a matching design that divides each post
Text Navigation Bar - the menu bar located underneath the header to navigate your readers to certain destinations in simple text (usually Century Gothic)
Favicon - small icon displayed on the browser URL bar
Signature - located at the bottom of each post
*Text color matching -  changing the color of all text to coordinate with background and layout
*Custom Background - background color or pattern
*Custom coloring on sidebars and post area
Rounded corners for blog post images
Shadow behind blog post images
Vanishing Blogger Navigation Bar - appears when you drag the mouse over the top of the screen

$10 each
Custom button and html code installation - unique button for readers to grab for their site
*Switching to three column layout - or vice versa

*Custom Header - decorative banner that welcomes readers. Includes blog title, subtitle and pictures optional - $20
Etsy banner - $15
Etsy button for your website or blog - $10
Rotating blogger header - $25 (up to 5)
Decorative Navigation Bar - $15 - links beneath the header to navigate your readers to certain destinations using icons or images instead of just simple text
Twitter background - $10
Social Media Icons - $10 (up to 5)
RUSH order (3-4 day wait instead of current wait time) - $50 I do not put one client in front of the other, I will work on rush orders after my normal business hours.

If there is anything else you might be interested in, just email me at

the design process

Why Choose Small Bird Studio? Each month proceeds are donated to a cause/organization helping bereaved parents. To learn more about the Pay it Forward program please click here.